Mobile services

Russo Security’s mobile services can deal with any type of alarm.

By law, the police will only attend if they have received confirmation of an alarm from the owner or a third party (such as a security firm). Either the user or the third party must go on site in order to remove any doubt (i.e. check whether the alarm has gone off accidentally or due to a criminal act) in order for the police to respond, or the element of doubt must be removed electronically.

If a break-in or intrusion is ascertained, only then can the police be called out. Notably to avoid its customers coming face to face with an intruder, Russo Security places the emphasis on its mobile security services aimed at private individuals, the self-employed and SMEs.

These services also provide considerable peace of mind since the owner of an alarm knows that someone is dealing with the problem.

Reactive services

These guarantee a response if the owner of the alarm or a third party cannot or does not want to go on site. An electronic surveillance centre receives an alarm signal from a property and tries to contact the owner. If he or one of his contact people cannot confirm that the alarm has gone off accidentally, Russo Security dispatches a guard on site and takes the measures necessary, depending on what has been agreed with the customer.

There are two types of service on offer. Either the guard has a key or access to the building (alarm response), or he simply carries out an external check on the building (alarm assistance). In both cases, if the guard sees that there has been a break-in, the police can be notified and the guard will wait for them to arrive. Furthermore, subscribing to alarm assistance or response services is very affordable and costs less than an ADSL connection or satellite television.

There are many examples of applications for reactive services. Currently, if the owner of an SME or an individual is unavailable, often an employee or acquaintance is given the job of going on site to see if everything is “normal”. Not only will this person have to get up in the middle of the night from time to time, but on top of that, they are completely unprepared for this type of response.

Preventive services

These are patrols carried out by a qualified Russo Security patrol guard in a vehicle. The guard visits a series of customers at random times according to an agreed frequency. The inspection can cover both the inside and the outside of the property. For SMEs, these preventive patrols are often coupled with facility management services. This means that the guard prevents intrusions, as well as fires and technical risks (breakdowns, floods, etc.). Combined with reactive mobile services, preventive services provide a not insignificant deterrent effect and ensure optimal performance in terms of security.

We are in no way a substitute for the police. Instead, we provide a complementary service. Everything takes place within a specified legal framework. Contracts for mobile services are entered into in a strictly private context with the aim of ensuring the security of goods and/or people.

According to the Royal Decree of 7 April 2003, all security firms must comply with the following methods laid down by law.

  • Vehicle tracking
    Russo Security knows exactly where each guard is at all times, enabling the most efficient and quickest response.
  • Radio & data communication
    Every guard must be able to communicate with their base at all times.
  • Vehicle security equipment
    Vehicles marked with the name of the security firm must be equipped with a search light.