Russo Security

Russo Security is a company which provides services in the field of personal security, protection of buildings and contents and retail.

We provide 24 hour a day physical surveillance of administrative buildings, stores, industrial areas, industrial buildings, private homes and airport sites up and down the country. Our activities are aimed not only at private companies and public bodies, but also at private individuals.

Russo Security is on hand!

Our services

  • Permanent and static security
  • 24 hour a day physical alarm response
  • Preventive mobile guard service
  • Hold-up prevention
  • Security checks on people
  • Plain-clothes internal inspection
  • Close protection

Our assets

  • Efficiency and rigorousness
  • Monitoring the satisfactory performance of the assignment
  • High-tech operating equipment
  • 24 hour a day physical alarm response
  • Communication and direct contact
  • Smart appearance and, most importantly…

Over 20 years’ experience in the security business

Our many years of experience have enabled us to develop an action plan which is effective in any circumstances. Whenever they are on an assignment, all of our guards are connected by radio and mobile phone to the dispatch centre and the Federal Police. They are also qualified to administer first aid. We are authorised to work with dogs, and are also armed. Our staff management, planning and quality control tools guarantee you total efficiency.

A team which listens to your needs

Finally, Russo Security is a team which is qualified, trained and experienced in close protection and in managing crisis situations. Regardless of what your needs and desires are, we can provide you with effective, customised solutions.

To see our projects through to a successful conclusion, each assignment is analysed and planned in minute detail, either with your involvement or with that of your internal security department. We also provide useful advice and recommendations for the future.

As well as that, as part of this relationship of trust, we pay extremely close attention to each person’s human dimension. This service is aimed at key figures, members of your management team or your guests.