Store protection

As a small or large store, you are faced with problems to which we can provide either preventive or reactive solutions. These may include the risk of hold-up, theft, access control, protecting property (buildings) or physical alarm response.

Static guard (Hold-up prevention)

Our armed or unarmed guards, who work alone or with dogs, prevent this risk as part of a permanent or temporary policy in the framework of strict procedures.

Plain-clothes guard (Retail)

Our male and female store inspectors, who are selected for their social skills, their strength of character and their compliance with extremely strict procedures and ethical rules, work in plain clothes in your sales area. They observe and detect behaviour suggestive of theft.

Only once the thief has been caught in the act does the inspector take action, by asking the dishonest person, who is still one of your customers, to return the goods in accordance with procedures determined with you.

The police authorities may be contacted to charge people. These inspectors are also extremely effective in dealing with internal thefts by your staff members.

Physical alarm response (Patrol Guard)

Our patrol guards go on site in response to a break-in, panic, fire or refrigerator alarm. If required, a static guard may come to relieve them to ensure surveillance and protection for your store for a longer period of time in the event of technical problems or works.

Our guards also monitor and protect your administrative centre or central buying office, manage lorry access, etc.